KOHLHAGE hat auf der IZB 2018 in Wolfsburg ausgestellt

Positive trade fair appearance at the IZB

Yesterday the IZB, the international supplier exchange in Wolfsburg, came to an end. KOHLHAGE has exhibited there and draws a positive conclusion. “Of course we know what to expect every two years at the IZB,” says Marc Schreiber, Managing Director of KOHLHAGE Fasteners. He is referring on the one hand to the unusual nature of the fair and on the other hand to the quality of the trade visitors. “The IZB is indeed “extraordinary” because there is actually no exhibition centre in Wolfsburg. Instead, every two years a mobile trade fair is organised in the Allerpark, a large green area in the middle of the city. With large tents as exhibition halls.

But the IZB is also unusual because it takes place within sight of the VW plant. Many employees, developers, designers and buyers take the opportunity to talk to suppliers or get to know new ones. “The quality of the contacts at the fair is surprisingly good. We already received direct enquiries on the first day of the fair, for which we have already submitted offers,” Schreiber is pleased to report.

Sven Wohlgemuth, Project Manager at KOHLHAGE Automotive, agrees. “There weren’t that many contacts,” he says, “but very high-value. This enabled us to significantly expand our network within the VW Group. However, and this surprised us a little, the topic of “electric mobility” was not as present as we thought it would be,” says Wohlgemuth. “The customers who visited us were more interested in classic KOHLHAGE Automotive products such as exhaust gas flaps, welded assemblies or media-carrying pipes.

The two are also sure of one thing: “In two years’ time, when the next IZB takes place, we will be there again and exhibit.