Neues Hochregallager – noch in diesem Jahr
KOHLHAGE hat auf der IZB 2018 in Wolfsburg ausgestellt

Positive trade fair appearance at the IZB

Yesterday the IZB, the international supplier exchange in Wolfsburg, came to an end. KOHLHAGE has exhibited there and draws a positive conclusion. “Of course we know what to expect every two years at the IZB,” says Marc Schreiber, Managing Director of KOHLHAGE Fasteners. He is referring on the one hand to the unusual nature of […]


Anyone who is currently on the road in the Hönnestraße industrial estate in the Küntrop district of Neuenrad can see them: Excavators, bulldozers, construction workers. The reason? KOHLHAGE is building a new high-bay warehouse. 8500 pallet spaces will be created at the end of the project. In addition, there are packaging systems, modern packing stations and weather-independent logistics areas.

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