Cold formed parts are considerably more cost-effective in production – especially in long series
KOHLHAGE hat auf der IZB 2018 in Wolfsburg ausgestellt

Positive trade fair appearance at the IZB

Yesterday the IZB, the international supplier exchange in Wolfsburg, came to an end. KOHLHAGE has exhibited there and draws a positive conclusion. “Of course we know what to expect every two years at the IZB,” says Marc Schreiber, Managing Director of KOHLHAGE Fasteners. He is referring on the one hand to the unusual nature of […]

Cold formed parts

Cold formed parts can be recognized by their surface structure. It shows that metal (wire, sheet metal) has been transformed into another shape under the influence of large forces. Products that are cold-formed therefore have slightly rounder geometries due to the production process. However, in recent years the manufacturers of multi-stage presses have increasingly worked on minimizing possible tolerance variants. For this reason, cold-formed parts can now be produced with almost the same geometric tolerances as turned parts.

The application consultants at KOHLHAGE Fasteners recommend cold forming as a production process only when large quantities have to be produced due to the higher tooling and set-up costs.

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