Small or large series: KOHLHAGE finds the right solution for every shoring situation
KOHLHAGE hat auf der IZB 2018 in Wolfsburg ausgestellt

Positive trade fair appearance at the IZB

Yesterday the IZB, the international supplier exchange in Wolfsburg, came to an end. KOHLHAGE has exhibited there and draws a positive conclusion. “Of course we know what to expect every two years at the IZB,” says Marc Schreiber, Managing Director of KOHLHAGE Fasteners. He is referring on the one hand to the unusual nature of […]


Modern lightweight construction technologies result in the joining of components made of materials such as plastics or fibre composites. These materials can often only be connected to an assembly with the help of inserts. By using inserts with male or female threads, such connections are even reversible if required.

Injection? Subsequent pressing in? There are many different ways to process inserts. Each of these has different advantages and disadvantages. The KOHLHAGE Fasteners experts offer the right support for an optimal component design already in the project phase.

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